Things to do in Altea, Altea Events, and What is happening in Altea

There are so many things to do in Altea, and places to see while you visit Altea. In Altea you will never lack of things to do. Altea offers a lot of different water sports, festivals, great restaurants, excursions, beaches, jeep safari, sightseeing, guided tours and cultural events. This blog is a guide for local residents as well as tourists visiting Altea with information about many of the things Altea has to offer when it comest to things to do. excursions, water sports and more. 

July 19, 2017

Already in Altea and want to rent a car? There are several car hire companies in Altea that will deliver the car to your holiday home. Altea and the entire surrounding area is characterized by uneven terrain. The ups and downs and sudden steep hills are a common elemen...

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