Altea Markets - Tuesdays 08.00-13.00

Tuesday Market

The Altea market is one of the largest markets on the Costa Blanca. The Altea market is a perfect place to find some bargains and to buy gifts, as well as to have a fun morning out. As you walk up towards the church you will see little church symbols carved into the sides of the traditional old houses which direct you to the church. The view from the church is fantastic! The market is located near the sports centre on the outside of Altea under the railway bridge located on the old car park. It is quite an extensive market which is popular with the tourists. This market is held every Tuesday.

At the Altea market you can find costume jewelry, leather belts, sweatshirts, jackets, toys, leather gloves, and shoes. Also there might be many stalls selling leather bags. While there are a lot of Chinese knock-offs of designer bags, you’ll find some beautiful Spanish-made leather bags for cheap and the quality is lovely.Don’t miss the stalls selling hand-embroidered tablecloths and napkins, also sold very cheap, and if you’re looking for gifts to take home, the boxes of traditional Spanish nougat, chocolate and cookies are cheap yet still a nice gift.Finally, check out the market stalls selling Spanish pottery. Everything from plates, cups, platters, vases, and serving dishes is here – all brightly colored, hand-made and gorgeous.

Tuesday Vegetable Market - Local Farmers Market in Altea

There is also another market on Tuesday mornings in Altea where fruits, vegetables, flowers, nuts, olives, sweets, herbs and spices are sold. The produce is all very fresh and excellent value. It is very popular with the locals. The Altea fruit, veg. and flower market is located in the centre near the old town, on a side street and is an open air market. It starts early and they pack up around 13,00.

After the market, many people ask down into Altea, to the main street and relax over cafe con leeches and some of the most delilicous pastries ever.

Altea's Municipal Market

There is also a market at the commercial centre of Altea that is open daily. This is the place where local residents as well as tourists buy they daily shopping. Fresh fish and meat, fruits and vegetables, bakery products such as great smelling croissants and fresh baked bread still hot from the oven. Men and women sit to down to have coffee and talk at the mini bar in the market. The market also has a fresh flower stand.

Holiday Rentals in Altea

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