Altea El Castell de L´Olla - The largest firework display in Europe

Did you know that the largest firework display in Europe takes place with Altea as backdrop? with an awesome play of light and gunpowder set to music, - Celebrating the feast of San Lorenzo. It is happening on August 10th, 2019.

El Castell de L´Olla

is not the typical fireworks display. And it is not a traditional one because the fireworks come together with music, the sky and the sea to create a memorable dazzling pyrotechnic show.

This is an unmissable show that may bring tears to your eyes when the most spectacular gold palm tree rises into the sky and lights up the bay to the astonished eyes of the locals and foreigners. Come to see Castel de l’Olla and you will realize that a picture is worth a thousand words.

Every year more than three thousand kilos of gunpowder light up the Altea bay coinciding with the festivities of San Lorenzo. The brotherhood of Castell de L´Olla, founded more than three decades ago by a group of friends, takes care of even the smallest details. This year is the 33rd time this event has taken place and it has been distinguished by the Provincial Tourist Board of the Costa Blanca Award for tourist merit in the category of the 1999 Edition gold, Festival of tourist interest of the Valencian Community in 2007 and year 2016 it was sponsored by UNESCO at its 30th anniversary.

El Castell de l'Olla is a show that takes place on L´Olla beach at midnight and brings together more than 50,000 people at the beach eager to enjoy the spectacle of light, gunpowder and music in a combination of mastery and light which also includes at the same time dance and other performing arts.

With 30 years of history, the musical fireworks display that fills Altea with fire for nearly half an hour always offers something new. It is, after all, one of the largest experimental fireworks display in the world in which peacocks, palm trees, rings, Girandolas or waterfalls do always offer something new.

People from all over the Valencia district and across Europe come to watch the amazing pyrotechnics at work. Many will sit on the beach for the show while others will hire boats for a grandstand view from the bay.

The fireworks are set off at midnight from floating pontoons on the shoreline at L´Olla, which is at the far end of Altea going towards Altea Hills. Just follow the crowds, there will be a mass of people all heading in the same direction. Many get there in the afternoon and make a picnic out of it. The best position is to sit on the water’s edge just in front of L’ollela Chringuito and have a picnic. It’s magical eating in the dark on the beach. This is a real family event. Something you can take very young children to and grandma will love it! When the fireworks are on. 50,000 people fall silent. The sound of nothing is incredible. The music starts always a classical piece and it’s as if you are waiting for an angel to appear. 30 minutes passes like a second. You don’t want it to end. Then the journey home, everybody full of happiness and praise for another wonderful event. A 20 minute walk back to the village, how come it felt like 20 seconds…..did we fly home! You have to go and feel the energy.

For weeks in advance the locals are planning their strategy on how close they can park to the event……..Ha ha some even park the day before! Altea is really proud of this event. Everything is planned to perfection. The atmosphere is amazing. On this day the police are always in a great mood. Directing people to parking places. The roads are closed and the walk to the beach from the village is almost as good as the firework display itself. You can feel the energy and excitement. If you don't want to walk or look for parking, you can take the FGV tram service, they put on extra services for this one night (see photo for tram service times). The party goes on long after the fireworks have finished. Music and dancing.

If you are planning to dine at one of the restaurants near by, make sure to get there early to get a table, as a lot of people book tables a year in advance. There are two chiringitos (food stands selling drinks and tapas) on the beach at L’Olla.

The fireworks is a dazzling display and often includes an incredibly beautiful gold palm tree rising into the night sky which needs to be seen to be believed. You don't want to miss this fabulous event!

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Below is a 10 minute clip for the 31st annual El Castell de L´Olla Feast of San Lorenzo festival in Altea 2017.

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