Kayak, SUP, Snorkeling and Diving in Altea

Kayaking in Altea, Kayak Rental and Guided Kayak Tours in Altea as well as SUP, and Paddleboard, Snorkeling and Diving in Altea. Motor boat and Sailboat rental.

La Bocana - Kayak and SUP tours and courses in Altea

They offer courses, excursions and rentals.

They arrange guided tours:

PIC NIC at La Olla island in Altea Bay

Breakfast kayak

Moonlight kayak or SUP

Wake Up kayak or SUP.

They offer weekly group courses for Kayak and SUP. The course scedules may change weekly so please contact them for course details, days and times. Contact + 34 637 800 791 / 687 942 108 or send them an e-mail at info@labocanasailingpoint.com

Season 2017

“PADDLE & DIVE” 1. TRY DIVING & KAYAK or PADDLE SURF BAPTISM: discover excitement and adventure, freedom and

2. OWD PADI (1er level) + PADDLE SURF BEGINNER SESSION (1er level): The world’s most popular scuba diving course, has introduced millions of people to the fantastic scuba diving lifestyle / balance and abdominal works to control your body on the board!

3. AOWD PADI (2nd level) + PADDLE SURF EXPERT SESSION (2ndo level): Exploration, excitement, experience. All this is packed into the Advanced Open Water Diver / postures, downwind, paddling race, Tahity way, wave postures.

4. DIVES PACKS + KAYAK or PADDLE SURF ADVENTURES (Moonlight/Toix Caves/Olla Pic Nic/ Trekking & Jumping Toix)the Olla Island!

5. FAMILY PACK – Snorkeling Trips + Kayak or Stand Up Paddle Surf Baptism

- Diving equipment and transport INCLUDED; - PERSONALIZED % DISCOUNTS on all Greenwichdiving activities. - 30’ EXTRA TIME en los alquileres libres (1 h+30’) y cursos de kayak o stand up paddle surf; - 20% OFF/pers: kayak adventures, kid’s courses (per week-from mon to fri: 2 hrs/day/5 days) kayak + sup (6-16), free rent kayaks or boards starting from 2 hours - FREE PHOTO Report included in all “underwater activities”.

TERMS: Greenwichdiving / La Bocana Sailing Point accept booking 24 hrs. in advance / all courses are managed by PADI, FES, IOSUP instructors and Comunidad Valenciana Kayak association. All activities are subject to the sea and weather conditions

We sincerely suggest the experience “BREATH UNDER WATER” (Try Dive) and “WALKING ON THE SEA” (paddle surf baptism) .... go on surprise yourself....

Kayak and SUP For Children in Altea:

They organize courses especially designed to introduce children six years and older to nautical sports. Under the careful attention of their monitors your children will have a fun and safe holiday in the sea. All the courses include life jackets. This season they offer

  • New balance and endurance exercises

  • Different games and races

  • New snorkeling spots

  • Nutrition and environmental awareness workshops

  • They add yoga and Pilates exercises to our SUP sessions

  • They include our snorkeling experiences and fruit picnics in our kayak sessions

Because SPORTS and FUN provide meaningful learning experiences!


2 daily hours of activity (from Monday to Friday or just during weekends) in the crystal clear waters of our Bay, where kids will be introduced in the SUP sport while teaming up and having great fun. Different levels. And this year we add yoga and Pilates exercises to our SUP sessions.


2 daily hours of activity (from Monday to Friday or just during weekends) in the crystal clear waters of our Bay, where kids will learn and improve the kayak paddling technique while teaming up and having great fun. And this season, we add a picnic and some snorkeling experiences to La Olla island or Morro de Toix, in individual, double or triple kayaks.

Kayak + SUP Discover

2 daily hours of activity (from Monday to Friday or just during weekends) where kids will learn and improve the kayak and SUP paddling technique in the crystal clear waters of our Bay, while teaming up and having great fun. Includes a didactic and nature guided trail with snorkeling experience and a final fruit picnic. We are based in the domains of the Sierra Helada Natural park: we will discover all the natural secrets about this protected area, swimming close to Posidonia underwater hills, full of flora and fauna!

NEW 2017 ONUS TIME in all activities, nutrition and environmental awareness workshops during kayak and SUP lessons, kids and adults. New guided adventures and excursions, new exercises for kayak and sup, beginners or experts One more season, we keep offering you one of the best SUP boards on the market, RRD Roberto Ricci Design.

KAYAK and SUP for FAMILIES and groups

You can come with your company, family or friends to enjoy the fresh air and the sea of Costa Blanca through different sporting and leisure activities tailor designed for your group. It is an excellent way to learn and have fun with your companions while strengthening relationships and encouraging team building.

You can enjoy:

- Guided KAYAK or SUP adventures: picnic & snorkeling; Toix’s caves and cliffs, trekking & jumping Toix and much more

- KAYAK and SUP sessions, in group or individually, as you wish

- Sailing or motor boat rentals WITH or WITHOUT skipper license

- Nutrition and environmental awareness workshops during KAYAK and SUP lessons, healthy and open air activities for kids and adults

Paddle & Boats rentals:

kayaks or paddle surf & Boats rentals WITH or WITHOUT license, per 1 or ½ day, and bring on board a paddle surf, a donut or water skies. Here are our proposals:
  • 4 p-1 is free

  • BONUS TIME 30 or 60 minutes.

  • 20% discount


All kayaks or paddle surf rentals (expert level)starting from 2 hr

All beginners and expert kayak or paddle surf sessions

Trekking & Jumping Toix / in kayak or paddle surf guided adventures: “picnic and snorkeling Olla island” or “trekking and jumping Toix”

20% off in all kids and adult group courses and sessions;

All activities are subjects to weather and sea conditions – booking 24 hours in advance.

All routes include: skipper, gasoil, a biologist guide, insurance, drinks and snacks.

Paddle in Spain - Kayak and Snorkeling tours in Altea

Guided kayak and snorkeling tour to the Island of La Olla (Altea)

If you are new to Kayak, this trip is perfect for you! It is an easy trip, perfect for groups and all those people who want to try the kayak for the first time in an easy way. This guided Kayak tour goes across The Natural Park of Sierra Helada reaching the virgin area and cristal waters all around. With spectacular views of the impressive cliffs. It is a very quiet place with nice seabed for snorkeling. Once there you can enjoy the islands of Isla Negra or Isla de la Olla where there is a very rich seabed and space enough to leave the kayaks. The instructor will organize the group and will take care of the safety of the group in the water and inside the cave. You will discover the most representative fauna and flora of the area an enjoy of a landscape of crystalline waters and great beauty. The trip is 4.8 kilometers and takes about 2 1/2 hours. Minimum age for paddling in your own Kayak is 15, but if you want to bring children between the ages 6 and 15 you can rent a double Kayak. All participants need to know how to swim. If you want to snorkel you need to bring your own snorkeling equipment. For more information call 682 17 32 25 or e-mail info@paddleinspain.com

Sea kayak and snorkeling half day in Altea

This tour it's the same as: Guided kayak and snorkeling to the lsland of la Olla described above - but with longer distance and picnic lunch. You will stop to eat a picnic lunch at a nice small beach, and afterwards paddle to the Volcanic rock "Cap Negret" before paddling back to Greenwich Marina. This trip is about 4 hours long. You need to be 15 years or older to paddle your own boat and 8 years and older to share a bout with an adult. All participants need to know how to swim. For more information call 682 17 32 25 or e-mail info@paddleinspain.com

Sea Open Kayak in Altea - Rental or Guided Tour

Open-kayak or Sit on top kayak is the first step for those who want to start in the world of kayaking without having to do a previous course. These kayaks have great stability which allows you to sail form the very beginning with complete safety, letting you enjoy the beautiful views at the same time as you acquire technique for practicing canoeing. Paddle in Spain can offer you to use double/triple kayaks (2 adults + 1 child). Open kayak is the ideal way to learn with family or in large groups.

This activity can be offered as rental (by the hour) if you want to cruise by yourself or as tours with instructors giving you some notions of how to sail, and taking care of the group.

You only will need your bathing suit and towel, water shoes, and known how to swim. For more information call 682 17 32 25 or e-mail info@paddleinspain.com

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